Bad Samaritan Laws

Welcome to Professor Zachary D. Kaufman’s database of “Bad Samaritan laws”: statutes that impose a legal duty to assist others in peril through intervening directly (also known as “the duty to rescue”) or notifying authorities (also known as “the duty to report”). This database–a full description of which is available here–currently contains more than 200 past, present, or proposed Bad Samaritan laws from around the world and throughout history.

Citation of Database

Preferred citation of this database in Bluebook format is: Bad Samaritan Laws, Zachary D. Kaufman , (last visited [date last visited]). Preferred citation in Chicago Manual of Style format is: Zachary D. Kaufman, “Bad Samaritan Laws,” accessed [date last visited],


This database will be updated periodically. If you would like to suggest an addition or amendment to this database, please contact Professor Kaufman using this form.

Glossary and Acknowledgments

A glossary of terms used in this database is available here. Professor Kaufman gratefully acknowledges contributors to this database here.

Related Publications

Professor Kaufman is currently writing a series of publications about Bad Samaritan laws, bystanders, and upstanders that will culminate in his next book (under contract with Cambridge University Press). His publications to date on the topic, which draw on this database, include: