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“Bystanders and Upstanders amid Sexual Crimes”

Conference: Harvard Law School Institute for Global Law & Policy 2018 Conference: Law in Global Political Economy: Heterodoxy Now

Panel Title: Law and Women Empowerment


  • Moderator: Noemi Perez Vasques
  • Speakers:
    • Melissa Handl: “Conditional Cash Transfers & Third-Way Neoliberalism: Empowering or Disciplining Poor Women?”
    • Zachary D. Kaufman: “Bystanders and Upstanders amid Sexual Crimes”
    • Chung Nguyen: “State, Family, and Women’s Land Inheritance Disputes in Vietnam”

Date: June 3, 2018

Time: 9 AM – 10:30 AM


Wasserstein Hall, Room 3012

Harvard Law School

Cambridge, Massachusetts