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Child and Family Services and Child Protection Act - General Provisions

United States

4009: Penalty for violations

A person who knowingly violates a provision of this chapter commits a civil violation for which a forfeiture of not more than $500 may be adjudged.

4011-A(1): Reporting of suspected abuse or neglect

1. The following adult persons shall immediately report or cause a report to be made to the department when the person knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that a child has been or is likely to be abused or neglected or that a suspicious child death has occurred:

A. When acting in a professional capacity:

(1) An allopathic or osteopathic physician, resident or intern;
(2) An emergency medical services person;
(3) A medical examiner;
(4) A physician’s assistant;
(5) A dentist;
(6) A dental hygienist;
(7) A dental assistant;
(8) A chiropractor;
(9) A podiatrist;
(10) A registered or licensed practical nurse;
(11) A teacher;
(12) A guidance counselor;
(13) A school official;
(14) A youth camp administrator or counselor;
(15) A social worker;
(16) A court-appointed special advocate or guardian ad litem for the child;
(17) A homemaker;
(18) A home health aide;
(19) A medical or social service worker;
(20) A psychologist;
(21) Child care personnel;
(22) A mental health professional;
(23) A law enforcement official;
(24) A state or municipal fire inspector;
(25) A municipal code enforcement official;
(26) A commercial film and photographic print processor;
(27) A clergy member acquiring the information as a result of clerical professional work except for information received during confidential communications;
(28) A chair of a professional licensing board that has jurisdiction over mandated reporters;
(29) A humane agent employed by the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry;
(30) A sexual assault counselor;
(31) A family or domestic violence victim advocate; and
(32) A school bus driver or school bus attendant;

B. Any person who has assumed full, intermittent or occasional responsibility for the care or custody of the child, regardless of whether the person receives compensation; and

C. Any person affiliated with a church or religious institution who serves in an administrative capacity or has otherwise assumed a position of trust or responsibility to the members of that church or religious institution, while acting in that capacity, regardless of whether the person receives compensation.

Whenever a person is required to report in a capacity as a member of the staff of a medical or public or private institution, agency or facility, that person immediately shall notify either the person in charge of the institution, agency or facility or a designated agent who then shall cause a report to be made. The staff also may make a report directly to the department.

If a person required to report notifies either the person in charge of the institution, agency or facility or the designated agent, the notifying person shall acknowledge in writing that the institution, agency or facility has provided confirmation to the notifying person that another individual from the institution, agency or facility has made a report to the department. The confirmation must include, at a minimum, the name of the individual making the report to the department, the date and time of the report and a summary of the information conveyed. If the notifying person does not receive the confirmation from the institution, agency or facility within 24 hours of the notification, the notifying person immediately shall make a report directly to the department.

An employer may not take any action to prevent or discourage an employee from making a report.

Year of enactment


Last Amended

1979, 2016