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Any person required to report under the provisions of this title, who has reasonable cause to know or suspect that a child has died as a result of child abuse or neglect shall immediately transfer that information to the department or its agent who shall cause the report to be investigated immediately. Upon receipt of the report, the department or its agent shall immediately transfer such information to the local law enforcement agency or the state police as well as to the office of the medical examiner. The office of the medical examiner shall investigate the report and communicate its preliminary findings, orally within seventy-two (72) hours, and in writing within seven (7) working days to the appropriate law enforcement agency, to the department and, if the person who made the report is an employee or a member of the staff of a hospital, to the hospital. Office of the medical examiner shall also communicate its final findings and conclusions, with the basis therefore, to the same parties within sixty (60) days.

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